Ordering from Toolya is easy!
Simply give us the basic information (by phone or Email) and we'll do the rest.

Step Quotation:

Just offer us items you’ve selected and quantity you need,we will offer you other informations within 24 hours:

*Sampling cost
*Sampling delivery time
*Order delivery time
*Packing details

Step Samples

When you confirm the above information on our quotation and want to proceed,we start to make samples for you
*If you have original samples it will be helpful for us to finish counter samples.
*If you haven’t original samples,we will send you a unbranded sample for free for your quality checking.
*If you want to develop branded sample directly,pls offer us your logo artwork with available file format: Adobe Illustrator? (file extension .ai or .eps) or Adobe Photoshop? (file extension .eps).
We will offer samples for free when sampling cost is below USD30.00,and will charge you accordingly when cost is up to USD30.00.Freight cost for samples is on your account.
Sampling cost is refundable normally after proceeding order later on.
We will finish samples within the time you confirmed.
When you receive samples and ask us revise the samples,we will revise the samples for free till getting your confirm.

Step Confirm Order

After samples get you confirmed,we may start producing order.
We will send you Proforma Invoice for you to confirm.
The Proforma Invoice includs: product request, quantity ordered, price ,total amount,packing details,delivery time,delivery port ,our bank account number etc..
After you confirm Proforma Invoice,pls transfer deposit to our account number,we will start producing order once receive deposit payment(30% normally).

Step Produce Order

During time of producing order,we will offer you update information for it.We will send you photoes show you how is order going if necessary. During this time,if you want to change the packing details or other items,pls let me know asap.We will try our best to work with you.

Step Deliver Order

If you haven’t QC coming to our factory to check,we will check the quality by the QC of our company,and will offer you report and photoes for mass goods ,pakcing ,and etc…
If you have QC going to our factory to check quality,we will inform you the date suitable for QC checking goods.
After your QC or ours finish checking quality and you confirm the QC’s report,we will send you Invoice for you taking balance payment(normally 70%). We will deliver the goods once receiving the balance payment.

Till now,one order is finish and we will wait your high appraise when you receive the goods.